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Understanding your Bose warranty will give you peace of mind regarding the long service life of your new equipment. Bose certainly has one of the most sterling reputations for quality workmanship and performance. But as with any electronic equipment, it ages, parts can wear out, or even be defective. Eventually it may need repair. This is when you need to be prepared to manage repairs using the terms of your warranty.
Basic Terms Of The Bose Warranty
1. First, be aware that the warranty only extends to the original owner who registers the product. Either you as the purchaser, or the recipient if it is a gift, must register ownership and the receipt must be kept in a safe place, to prove date of purchase.
Register your Bose product online or using the mail in warranty card, supplying date of purchase, model and serial numbers, plus your name and address. Staple your receipt to the inside back of the product manual, put them in a zippered storage bag, and then in a file just for product manuals, warranties, and receipts. When you need it then,  you don't have to search, or worse, lose out on free repairs because your receipt is gone.
2. Understand what is covered. Basic warranties cover your product for 1 year. If you purchased a product that includes non powered speakers, those speakers are covered for 5 years.  (Unless there is a different warranty specifically written in your manual - read it to be sure).
Bose covers your product from the date of purchase for the warranty period, and guarantees that if you bought the product from an authorized Bose dealer, in unopened, original packaging, in new condition, and use your product in normal conditions, it will be free of "...any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship," for the duration of the period of the warranty.
3. Understand what is not covered. It is expected that you will not use your product in an unreasonable way or carelessly, like putting speakers out in the rain, or dropping them through improper positioning. It is also expected that you will follow their instructions for operation.
They will not cover problems from connecting to the wrong voltage, power surges, water, accidents, insect damage, altering the equipment, attaching non Bose products, corruption or loss of stored data, or improperly adapting it to operate in a country other than the one for which it was engineered. Also, unauthorized repairs during the warranty period, void the warranty. 
3. Bose's Responsibilities During The Warranty Period
●  Yes - Repair or replace free of charge defective parts, with new or refurbished parts, at their sole discretion
●  No -  Cover expenses for transport to them, insurance, shipping, import or duty fees, or taxes.
4. Your responsibilities -  Contact Bose for instructions and shipping destination. Return your product with the proof of purchase, shipping prepaid. Place a return authorization on the outside of the box.
Taking care of your new equipment in the way that meets their guidelines means that should you ever need it, your Bose warranty will cover any problem you may have, free of charge.